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You Can Help Us In Many Ways

Our humanitarian association is entirely financed by gifts. All the gifts are needed to ensure the growing of our actions in terms of economic development, and more specifically in demining, in educating people, in water engineering or in medical care.

Thank you for giving a gift to HAMAP to help us to carry on our work. If you want, you can let us know the country or the type of action you are willing to support. In which case, we will fully take your choice into consideration to spend your money on.

Gifts can be paid by a bank transfer : The payment is possible via a system made safe

Gifts can be paid by cheque : You write a cheque to the order of HAMAP and you send it to

7 rue de Charenton

Gifts in favour of HAMAP

You can give us cash, real estate, lands, movables, securities and shares.
Under the terms of a legal agreement settled by a notary or (a lawyer with official authority) you can state in a will that you want (eg) your estate to be bequeathed to HAMAP.

Legacy in favour of HAMAP/General legacy:

Laws often differ from one country to another as far as inheritance, demise, etc.. are concerned.

The holographic will :

In France, to be valid in law the holographic will must be written in your own hand, dated and signed. The clauses have to be mentioned very clearly.
People can keep so a document at home, but the holographic will can be lost or thrown away .
Otherwise to probate, a will must be written in presence of two witnesses and a notary/or only two notaries. This document can neither go astray nor be “forgotten” and can be changed later if necessary.

Please contact us for further information.

Thank you very much for your generosity that makes possible wide scale projects to help endangered peoples because of the risks of landmines and UXO (unexploded ordnance).

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