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Annual report 2008 -2009

2008-2009 Activities: Co-ordination of Medical Relationships, HAMAP BURKINA and HAMAP EDUCATION

The last two years have seen us focus, above all, on building up and expanding the organization, and on creating partnerships:

* one with the humanitarian association, Rencontres Africaines, allowing us to conduct surgical missions to Mauritania,
* one with the association, Camelia Burkina. This partnership has led to the formal launch of HAMAP BURKINA, which is going to carry out important drilling works at Boulsen, a small village near Koudougou.

Activies witht the Rotary Club of Toulon-Levant raised 1500 euros in donations to buy medicine for our dispensary in Cambodia.

We are convinced that all humanitarian activities are enhanced, and perpetuated, when they go hand in hand with basic education and training: in literacy, arithmetic, preventative healthcare, and hygiene. We have therefore set up a team responsible for putting this kind of education and training into place: HAMAP EDUCATION has been born.

Links with the pharmaceutical industry have proved very productive. In the course of eight months, 3.5 metric tons of formula milk have been distributed to countries where children suffer from malnutrition. There were two missions to Burkina Faso, one in November/December 2008 and one, by HAMAP BURKINA, in October 2009. The teams involved finalized plans for preventing and combatting malaria, particularly in children, the disease’s first victims.

In the interests of efficiency, we disbanded the Co-ordination of Medical Relationships unit and integrated its functions into HAMAP EDUCATION, which has a department entrusted with preventative healthcare, hygiene and malnutrition.
One of the first achievements of this new department has been the distribution of a HAMAP EDUCATION cartoon aimed at preventing malaria. This cartoon will be given to schools and dispensaries, as well as the parents of children receiving anti-malaria treatment.
Role-playing games also play a part in our activities to prevent malaria.
A long-term agreement signed between Novartis and HAMAP BURKINA has allowed us to obtain the anti-malaria drug Coartem, which will be distributed in the field under the medical auspices of our partner, Camelia Burkina.
More than 700 children are currently receiving anti-malaria treatment thanks to the purchases made by HAMAP BURKINA.

Publication : October 2009

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