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Council of Advisers

The Council of Advisers exists to ensure that HAMAP respects and applies the moral and ethical principles laid down for it. It is totally independent of the NGO itself, and its powers are such that it can ensure HAMAP adheres strictly to statute.

Only the Chief Adviser can coopt members: this method of recruitment keeps the council entirely independent.

The current Chief Adviser is :

Dominique BOURIEZ

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Members of the Council:


Christian STOCK




The Council of Advisers advises, and thinks ahead. Its members may meet for the sole purpose of discussing the NGO’s activities amongst themselves. They may also give guidance, on their own initiative, to its board and trustees. They check, amend and expand texts produced by HAMAP in order to ensure that these texts reflect its statutes.

The Council of Advisers organizes forums for reflection and other activities that can help members of the NGO’s board or trustees to make their decisions in a calm and lucid fashion.

The sphere of influence of The Council of Advisers encompasses all branches of HAMAP and all departments and regions where the NGO operates. It considers operational, administrative and financial matters.

Publication : November 2009

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