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The Parents’ House

HAMAP HEALTHCARE, received by the King of Cambodia,
creates a free clinic near the garbage dump in Phnom Penh.

As part of a humanitarian medical mission organized by the health branch of the French association of the NGO HAMAP (Stop landmines) in Cambodia, Thierry Gagner, Director of HAMAP HEALTHCARE was officially received by His Majesty the King of Cambodia. He was accompanied by Prince Charles Philippe d’Orleans, Duke of Anjou and his fiancée Diana, Duchess of Cadaval. They talked about the Franco-Cambodian friendship, about the complex effects of the heterogeneous growth of Cambodia and the landmines issue in this country.

During this mission, HAMAP HEALTHCARE in partnership with "Saint Lazare International”, whose Great Master is the Prince, has created a medical centre for parents of children supported by the association" For a child’s smile "(Price of Human Rights 2000).

"The Parents’ House" was inaugurated and the Duchess of Cadaval agreed to become godmother of this free health clinic. The Prince, sensitive to the fight against landmines, is very committed beside the NGO HAMAP. He witnessed the tragedies caused by this plague and promised his majesty to engage with French authorities to make sure that France would make an active contribution to this struggle.

Since 1999, the NGO HAMAP works around the world in order to fight against antipersonnel mines, to bring assistance to populations affected by this scourge, both through demining and training by sending every year Instructors in Benin, at the School of Ouidah.

Meanwhile, it goes on with its activities in Africa and the Middle East in the field of water and the provision of free medicine to needy people.

HAMAP HEALTHCARE, composed of a medical team of twenty people, has worked two weeks on the territory of Cambodia (April 18 to May 3, 2008).

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Publication : August 2008

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