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Non-governmental organization, created in 1999, HAMAP joins in a humanitarian logic of help and assistance. HAMAP activities privilege the long term strategy, in a concern of durability, to assist the populations in the development and the accomplishment of their projects.

However, in times of crises, HAMAP NGO shows a good ability to react, and takes part in emergency and reconstruction actions.
The strength of the NGO rests on a wide and diversified support network, as well as a narrow collaboration with beneficiaries and various local actors from poor countries.

The objective is to provide logistic help and to complete capacity building, thanks to HAMAP volunteers’ professional backgrounds, allowing for technical and managing know-how.

HAMAP NGO consists of our different activity sectors, particularly worried about people – especially children - left outside the national and international aid programs.


Mine-clearing operations; Mine risk education, including cluster bombs and explosive remnants of war hazards; National capacities strengthening (through training courses) ; Mine ban advocacy at the national and international level.


Construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, especially for water conveyance.


Struggle against illiteracy; Educational help (street schools creation); Social assistance; Professional training; Health and nutritional preventive actions.

Health and mobile medical centers implementation; Healthcare supply; Living conditions improvement – with regard to health - for populations in need.

HAMAP NGO leans on partnerships with local organizations, in connection with its existing international agencies in Mauritania, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Cambodia.
Its activities occurred mainly in Africa and South-East Asia, but also in the Middle East and in Haiti, through local representations.

HAMAP NGO has also built up several municipal, departmental and regional representations across France.
Every structure emanating from HAMAP NGO is under the control of an independent Committee of wise men, making sure that the ethics and the charter of the NGO are respected in the progress of the actions.

Publication : September 2008