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On Sunday November 29th, HAMAP HEALTHCARE was present at the France Bleu Touraine radio station stand, on the occasion of the Christmas Market.

Alexandre QUINTARD-KAIGRE, Vice-Président, responsible for the Strategy and Development of the NGO HAMAP, Thierry GAGNER, Président of HAMAP HEALTHCARE and his team presented the various actions and missions organised by HAMAP and HAMAP HEALTHCARE.

HAMAP was the only NGO present at the Tours Christmas Market on Sunday 29th. HAMAP had organised several digital activities and presentations which attracted many people.

Many visitors watched the excellent video created by Thierry, based on images taken during HAMAP missions. The HAMAP HEALTHCARE video and slideshow realised by Marceau Guilbaud, Director of HAMAP DEMINERS were shown without interruption throughout the day.

The Communication operation was highly successful as many people were caught by the visual presentation of the stand, and stopped to ask about HAMAP activities and actions.

At 11am, the Christmas market was packed with shoppers who expressed their interest and curiosity for the information exposed at the HAMAP stand.

During Lunch hour, the streets of the market were quieter, giving the HAMAP team, the opportunity to talk more easily with the public.
In the afternoon and up until 8pm, the market was very busy; hundreds of people stopped by the HAMAP / France Bleu stand to ask for information.

HAMAP HEALTHCARE team members were able to distribute many brochures throughout the day.

Quite many people expressed their interest to volunteer to the Humanitarian actions organised by HAMAP and left their contact details so that we could reach them to discuss their participation.

The children on this poster are from Cambodia; pictures were taken by Marine Gagner, Thierry’s daughter.

The photos used for the posters realised by Thierry Gagner and HAMAP HEALTHCARE’ team were taken during one of the numerous HAMAP humanitarian missions.

At the end of the afternoon, the operation is clearly a success: people from Tours have expressed their solidarity toward our action and the cause we defend.

Thank you to all the members of HAMAP HEALTHCARE team ! You have done a great job!

Publication : November 2009

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