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Charter on Street Schools

HAMAP EDUCATION Charter on Street School :
Assistance for Education Branch


The schools set up by HAMAP EDUCATION aim to provide a basic education. In addition to literacy and the first principles of arithmetic, this education may include short courses on hygiene, disease prevention, local customs, local craft, local culture, water education, and the dangers of anti-personnel mines, as well as rehabilitation for children who are the victims, in some way, of war. It can also include advisory and practical sessions on agriculture, ecology and nutrition (following the guidelines laid down by UNESCO).
Sporting activities and games complete the curriculum.

Every school should also play a role in screening for health problems, in tandem with existing healthcare networks, and in conjunction with HAMAP HEALTHCARE.

HAMAP EDUCATION will support both street schools and local schools logistically and pedagogically (with technical hints, and the provision of school supplies such as books and pencils).
The long-term aim of the street schools is to train the teachers of the future, and so perpetuate education in the countries concerned.

Publication : October 2009

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