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What they said about HAMAP

Mylène DEMONGEOT, actress,
Support HAMAP
Stop horror
Stop mutilations
Stop deaths
And broken lives
And suffering
Shame on those who have no values beyond profit!
Within HAMAP, men and women of good will are ready to fight and win this new kind of battle.
I am proud to be their patroness.

Mylène Demongeot
Patroness of HAMAP

Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former prime minister of France
"Evil always travels longer distances than we realize, and does not always expire when and where we would like."
(René CHAR)

Stop anti-personnel mines!

Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Matignon 10-12-2002

Pierre SANTINI, actor
The human race is capable of both the best and the worst extremes.
We must certainly number the monstrosities that are anti-personnel mines amongst the worst extremes.
Congratulations and thank you to HAMAP for taking its place at the opposite end of the spectrum, for fighting actively but peacibly against these murderous devices, which embody danger, cowardice and treachery in equal measure.
Support life, peace and happiness.

Pierre Santini

René ROUQUET, deputy mayor
In this world, shadows still eclipse the light too often. The members of HAMAP Deminers give us hope that one day, a better future will be built.

René Rouquet
Deputy mayor of Alfortville

Yves DEROFF, footballer
I am an athlete, and I make my living from sport, so I know just how important it is to keep all one’s limbs intact.
That is why I should like to express my support, in these few lines, for the work that HAMAP does.
The tragedy that is anti-personnel mining must end. Every human being has the right to live life to the full.
Say yes to HAMAP and no to anti-personnel mines!!
With warmest wishes to HAMAP. Bravo to you.

Yves Deroff

David AURADOU, rugby player
Let’s help HAMAP find the means to fight the destruction that mines cause...

David Auradou

Roland GIRAUD, actor
It’s easy to say that there will always be wars, and that children and innocent victims will always die or be maimed for life... But we can choose to think differently, and do something about it - or we can choose to do a lot about it, as HAMAP Deminers do. They strive to ensure that people know about atrocities, and think about them more often.

Roland Giraud

Pierre DOUGLAS, singer and humorist
Support love of Life,
Rejection of violence
The beauty of love
Brotherhood between men
Peace on earth
Stop anti-personnel mines

Pierre Douglas

Claude PINOTEAU, film director
HAMAP has taken the courageous step of fighting against the inhumanity that is anti-personnel mining. Its teams of deminers risk their lives to save innocent people who are threatened every hour, of every day. For this, they deserve to be generously supported, and deeply respected.
Thank you to all those whose donations allow HAMAP to continue its humanitarian work.

Claude Pinoteau
October 2002

Monseigneur Patrick LE GAL
A dialogue between a man and a mine
Who are you, asks the man?
I am an anti-personnel mine, replies the mine
What do you do, asks the man?
I kill, replies the mine. That’s not nice, says the man!
Do you never show mercy? Never, replies the mine.
Whoever approaches, I strike, then I die.
Do you respect peace agreements, at least, when everyone is forgiven, asks the man?
No, says the mine:
I am rancour, vengeance and resentment!
I always strike, after the fact, without remorse or restraint.
I strike the child playing, the farmer harvesting, the pilgrim reciting his prayers along the path.
How unfortunate you are, says the man!
How sad your violence is!
No, says the mine,
My misfortune is yours, my violence is yours,
You created me.
You gave me life!
What must I do, asks the man?
Change your ways, says the mine.
And the man shouts: HAMAP

Patrick Le Gal
Bishop of Evry

Thierry TULASNE, former tennis player and coach
Bravo to HAMAP Deminers.
I wish you luck in your activities. My heart is with you. Best wishes.

Thierry Tulasne

Grégory COUPET, footballer
We must save the earth and our fellow men.
Stop anti-personnel mines.

Grégory Coupet

Michel DUCHAUSSOY, actor
Paris October 2002
In the Wild West there were ’accidental hangings’... a century and a half ago. In Europe and Africa, now, there are ’accidental mutilations’.
Disgraceful! Disgraceful!
HAMAP has my heartfelt support in its mission to purify the earth and restore dignity to it.

Michel Duchaussoy

Nicolas BRUSQUE, rugby player
One victim every twenty minutes, is one victim too many!
Let’s act to ensure that those minutes become hours, then months, then years... until there are no more victims.
Support HAMAP Deminers!

Nicolas Brusque
French National Rugby Team

Teddy BERTIN, former footballer and coach
There are people who laugh, whilst others cry;
There are people who run, whilst others hobble;
There are people who dance, whilst others fall;
There are people who are happy, whilst the lives of others have been broken...
Broken by something tragic:
anti-personnel mines
We must fight to put an end to this,
Fight through HAMAP...

Teddy Bertin
RC Strasbourg

Pierre MESSMER, former prime minister of France
Everyone knows, or can imagine, the terrible danger that mines represent. Many people, however, do not know that most of the victims are children, in Cambodia and Africa alike.
Children are not as cautious as adults, and do not have the same sense of danger. If they are not killed, they are seriously injured and must often have limbs amputated: either way, their life is destroyed.
The only hope for the future is demining, and this takes time and money.
Helping HAMAP Deminers means saving children.

Pierre Messmer
Académie française

Roger CAREL, actor and voiceover artist
I have leant my voice to many characters. It is in the voices of all these characters that I express my humble support for HAMAP, and my warmest gratitude to the deminers who expose themselves to the very same dangers that threaten those they wish to protect.

Roger Carel

Publication : September 2009

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