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Cambodia : Production of a white book about NGOs


Fatiha El Hamdi is a 33 year- old young woman, pharmaceutical technical engineer, who wished to temporarily interrupt her career to devote herself fully to a first humanitarian mission. A strong need to help the poorest people was her motivation for several years and she decided to give herself the means to realize this project.

Fatiha El Hamdi

HAMAP HEALTHCARE has given her the following two objectives:

* Creation of a White Book about medical and para-medical NGOs in Cambodia.

* Production of training modules intended for needy people about recurring problems, such as hygiene, AIDS, dental care, etc. ...

Objective No. 1:
During our frequent medical missions on the field, we need to know the medical and para medical NGOs already existing on the field and operating at lower cost or even free.

Indeed, patients that we consult and who need to have subsequently surgery (eg cataracts) cannot access these operations, either through lack of funding or simply through ignorance of what exists around their village.

Fatiha should identify, meet and sign partnerships with existing NGOs on behalf of HAMAP HEALTHCARE. br> These NGOs are located throughout the country.
This list of NGOs will be a special report, available to all health NGOs. The contacts are numerous and Fatiha has now visited almost every NGOs.
Several partnerships are already underway and / or signed. Good work that will be useful for future medical missions on the field.

Objective No. 2:
Fatiha works on training modules on the following topics:

* General infants Hydration

* Personal hygiene, washing hands and cleaning wounds

* Nutrition Module (provision of vitamins, minerals, etc. .. through diets, promotion of milk consumption).

* Gynaecological module (major events like menopause in order to facilitate the understanding in the interview with the doctor).

Fatiha has already completed a dental education module that will soon be useful for the mission in October 2009.

Publication : June 2009

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