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Madagascar : Installation of clean drinking water for a school

The NGO HAMAP, in partnership with the Sœurs Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie (Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary), has carried out a project to create access to drinking water in an elementary school in Berevo, on the Tsiribihina river in Madagascar.

Previously, the schoolchildren and villagers only had access to river water for all their needs, which posed serious health and socio-economic problems. HAMAP responded to the school’s request to act.

The project has been successfully concluded with the help of the Agence de l’eau Rhin-Meuse (Rhine-Meuse Water Board) who supported the project work. Today, a system of rainwater recovery and distribution is in operation. Water is now accessible inside the mission’s school as well as outside the building.

The installation will allow over 200 children and many of the villagers to access clean drinking water, in turn considerably improving their living conditions.

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance de l’article paru dans le journal malgache "Les Nouvelles" daté du 25 janvier 2011 relatif à la création de ce nouveau point d’eau :

Publication : April 2011

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